Welcome to the Association of Indians in America

The Association of Indians in America (AIA) is the oldest national association of Asian Indians in America. It was founded on August 20, 1967 after the United States Congress passed the Immigration Act during 1965-66, repealing the Asian Exclusion Act of 1917. The Constitution of the AIA was adopted in 1970 and was incorporated in 1971. AIA obtained the IRS exempt status in 1973.

AIA continue to recognize people with exceptional qualities. We have organized national honor awards for people who have excelled in their respective fields in medicine, business, science, technology, education, and others. To name a few, we have honored people including Zubin Mehta, Coretta Scott King, Amartya Sen, Dr. Norman E. Borlaug and Dr. Naresh Trehan. We are proud that five of our honorees have received the Nobel Prize.

AIA is the grassroot national organization of Asian Immigrants in the United States, fostered on the democratic principles of "one member one vote", with chapters and membership spread across the United States of America. AIA represents the hopes and aspirations of those immigrants who are united by their common bond of Indian Heritage and American Commitment.

Objectives: AIA concerns itself with the social welfare of the Asian Indians who have decided to live in the United States, and to help them become a part of the mainstream of American life. • To facilitate participation by the members of AIA and others in the development and progress of India, and To facilitate involvement of the members of the Asian Indian Community in American Community life through Charitable, Cultural and Educational activities.

Mission: The mission of the AIA is to foster and promote cultural and social interactions among the members and all those interested in Indian culture and heritage. The AIA will also strive to raise political awareness among its members and others regarding issues relevant to India and the people of Indian origin.

Current Projects